Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wordle: A Word Splash Generating Website

Wordle is a software tool created by Jonathan Feinberg  to generate "word clouds" or "word splashes" out of text that you provide in the input section. You can either type the words yourself or input a webpage or blog address (one that has an Atom or RSS feed). The program will generate the word splash with emphasis on the words that appear most often on the webpage or blog. Once the word splash is generated you can edit the color, font, and layout to your liking. The final step is to print the image or save it to the Wordle gallery.

Note: I also saved this image to my computer by "printing" it to the OneNote program. Once the image was in the OneNote file, I then saved the image to my Pictures folder. I am sure you can also use the Snippet tool or some other method to grab the image.

Wordle Home Page

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